New England Twisters is dedicated to the skill and character development of young athletes. We offer year-round lacrosse and field hockey programs.

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NE Twisters welcome Coach Marmiani

Coach Marmiani has trained and taught some of the best Face-Off athletes in the country, as well as offensive and defensive players at every level of competition. 

Coach Marmiani's interactive program provides proven stretches, exercises, drills and techniques designed to develop lacrosse athletes' agility and explosiveness to excel on the field, especially at the Face-Off X.  

This is a five week program that meets weekly on Thursdays Feb 2nd through March 9 (skipping Feb 23rd). 

  • Grade 6-8 training is Thursdays 7-8pm
  • Grade 9-12 training is Thursdays 8-9pm

*Cost is $150 per player and there is a 10 player maximum per class


TESTIMONIALS for Coach Marmiani:

Craig Bunker

MLL All Star 2015

Boston Cannons, Rochester Rattlers

‘The passion for and knowledge of the face-off position that Coach Marmiani brings to each is second to none.  Whether it’s a new face-off athlete or a seasoned veteran within the professional ranks, Coach Marmiani exudes enthusiasm and truly cares equally for each athlete.  From a technical standpoint, I can attest to his incredible expertise and precision.  His overall philosophy may differ from those of other face-off coaches, but his face-off style has undoubtedly impacted the success of Chris Eck, John Ortolani and Bobby Dattilo in the MLL.  I can truly attribute my success in the MLL to ‘Coach Stache’, and all of the reps and hours spent training with Coach Marmiani culminated in me being named to the MLL All-Star team in 2015.  Even as I enter my sixth season in the MLL, I still turn to Coach Marmiani for any insight or help I may need as I prep for the season and while I am in season.’


Christopher Eck

Team USA 2014

MLL All Star 2011

MLL Champion 2011

Boston Cannons

‘Coach Marmiani is flat out the man!! He's incredibly insightful, thoughtful and helpful in the way he approaches his athletes and the game. My 7 years on the Cannons was only made better due to the time I spent with him. 

He knows how to get the best out of each athlete he works with, by adapting his style to what they need -- something few coaches are truly able to do. Without Coach Marmiani on my side, I wouldn't have been the player I was in the MLL or on Team USA!!’


John Ortolani

MLL All Star 2014

MLL Champion 2011

Florida Launch, Rochester Rattlers, Boston Cannons

Coach Marmiani has been a familiar face in my lacrosse career since I first picked up a stick in high school.  We developed a good relationship right away.  His work ethic and attitude towards the game drew me in immediately.  His knowledge of the game and passion for coaching made him one of my coaches to play for.  He is very straight forward and honest with his players and speaks to you in a way that is very easy to listen to and communicate with.  Coach ‘Stache’ is also constantly learning.  He is a true student of the game and is always evolving as the sport does.  

I have experienced Coach Marmiani as his player, teammate and opponent as well as consulting with him on general career advice.  He has helped me from the high school level all the way up through my professional career.  We frequently talk about game plans, techniques, drills and competition, as well as daily life.  He would be a great addition to any coaching staff and future coaches can learn from the way he does things.