New England Twisters is dedicated to the skill and character development of young athletes. We offer year-round lacrosse and field hockey programs.

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Except for my parents, the most influential people in my life have been coaches. My high school and college lacrosse coaches were particularly special to me, and I feel very fortunate to have played for them both. 

Coach Kalkstein and Coach Garber emphasized character development as much as skill development. While they were undeniably masters of the X’s and O’s, they were much more than just teachers of the game. They took a sincere interest in the well being of every player on our team, and always took the time to be sure things were going well for us outside of lacrosse. I cannot thank them enough for everything they taught me about the game of lacrosse, but I am most grateful for the life lessons they imparted. They taught me that nothing worthwhile comes without hard work, perseverance always wins, actions speak louder than words, and every player is capable of contributing to a team’s success. They knew when to use the carrot and when to use the stick, and were as quick to praise as they were to discipline. The impact they made on me was profound, and it is largely because of them that I coach today.    

I believe that every young athlete deserves great coaching. It is not a privilege reserved for the exceptionally gifted. Our mission at New England Twisters is to help each of our kids reach their true potential, whatever that might be. We offer programs for elite college bound players as well as JV players, and are equally adept and comfortable coaching both. As our company evolves, we will continually enrich the curriculum to include more offerings at every level. If you do not see something on our menu that fits your needs, we would welcome your suggestions.

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New England Twisters



  • Athletes are grouped according to age and skill level to maximize the learning experience 
  • A 6:1 player to coach ratio that ensures a high level of instruction
  • Fast paced, high-repetition drills to mimic game-like conditions and develop rote memory
  • Offensive, defensive, and transition skills are weighted equally to develop well-rounded players
  • Both on-ball and off-ball skills are emphasized to develop sport IQ 
  • Small area games reinforce learned skills, maximize touches, improve reaction times, and offer a fun learning environment